In order to verify the general pre-feasibility of the projected road network, a thorough survey of the existing infrastructure has been conducted.

The proposed project consists of inserting a new road at grade between the area of the Fish Market, and Piazzale Kennedy, to be built for the most part below the existing elevated viaduct.

A road network is proposed for public use that will guarantee a new urban connection along the port area, which is the object of this study. This road access will be local in nature and will consist of a single lane in each direction. Circulation will be easier than at present and will allow for the transit of heavy vehicles heading to the port without impeding urban mobility.

The port road network will develop within the island of ‘the factory of the port’, with access provided by two bridges over the canal.

The Blueprint is compatible with both the existing infrastructure and with those to be built in future.

Diagram of the urban road network at grade

schema viabilità a raso


Diagram of accesses to and exits from the port functions

schema accessi e uscite