Competition Notice and Attachments

Competition Notice

Brief and attachment A (information for the project) [BlueprintCompetition_brief_eng.pdf]




Preparatory and informative documents

 1.   Blueprint for Genoa  (dossier) [BPeng.pdf]

 2.   Deliberation of the City Council 29.012016 n° 16 [DCCeng.pdf

 3.   General plan of the existing state with buildings scheduled for demolition highlighted in yellow, on a scale of 1:1000 [plan_gen.pdf]

 4.   Photographic documentation [go to the Gallery - download the file]

 5.   Municipal Technical Map of the zone surrounding the competition area, on a scale of 1:1000 [4314_2d_BlueprintCompetition.dwg, 4341_2d_BlueprintCompetition.dwg, 4314_2d_no_buildings.dwg, 4341_2d_no_buildings.dwg]

 6.    List of some current prices of supplies and basic fabrication [prices.pdf]


Basic plans for use by competitors

[download attachments 7-11:]

 7.   Planimetric-volumetric diagram, scale 1:1000, on roof levels [prev.pdf, prev.dwg];

 8.   Anticipated planimetric-volumetric  diagram, scale 1:1000, level 5 m above sea level [prev_qt_5.pdf, prev.dwg];

 9.   Schematic sections of the project, with new maximum outlines of the new buildings [sez.dwg]

10.  Pavilion S (sports complex), scale 1:500 [S.dwg]

11. Template of the squared design boards, which the competitors are to use to present the competition projects  [mod.pdf, mod.dwg]